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OMG OMG OMG. Just interviewd my fashion idol and new BFF (still love you Alessandra). So obviously I now know EVERYTHING about Missoni, but for those people who don’t, here is the official transcript of my interview.

Marina: Tell us about Missoni.

 Margherita: Missoni is a family-run fashion house that started in 1953 when my grandparents Tai and Rosita Missoni started designing fun and unusual patterned knits in the neighborhood of Varese, Italy. After years of hard work and working together, the brand has become known around the world for unique knitwear, in a kaleidoscope of colorful patterns such as zigzags, stripes, geometrics and abstract florals.

Marina: So I’ve obviously studied every zigzag, stripe and floral and kaleidoscope print and knit you have ever designed and their evolution over the years, but why don’t you tell me about the iconic Missoni prints and your thoughts on their stylish evolution? 

Margherita: My grandfather always jokes that our prints “have taken from Missoni for thousands years”.  He means that our tie-dyes, stripes and zigzags exist in many cultures and they’re not original. When they started making prints in the early fifties, the only possible pattern was horizontal stripes. Can you imagine? No looms to make them vertical, for instance. So, Missoni progressed from that point, and it went on and on. We were able to improve and invent new motives to create our language based on patterns, tones and stitches.

Marina: Target so sounds cool, like they have a history in fashion with some pretty fabulous designers. What made you want to partner with them? 

Margherita: We enjoy the Target brand – it’s fun and known for taking risks – and like what they’ve done with their past designer collections. We also were excited by the idea of creating a collection for a mass audience, which is something we haven’t done before.

Marina: So I have imagined a gazillion answers to this question - trust me I have spent many hours on my shelf thinking about it- but I want to know from you, as do all the other fashionistas out there, what was the inspiration for this fabulous collection? 

Margherita: The Missoni brand boomed in the late 1960s, marking an iconic moment in our history, and we felt it was important to return to this era as our inspiration for the Target collection, but updated with a fresh, modern edge.

Marina: Ok. Let’s talk favorites. Which section – clothing, accessories, bikes, furniture, home – was your absolute favorite to design? 

Margherita: We really enjoyed designing products that were new and fresh to Missoni, like the bikes and iPad cases – they are so great!

Marina: Do you have a favorite piece? I love everything, so I understand if you can’t pick. 

Margherita: I love the blue zig-zag puffer jacket and the black and white zig-zag coat.

Marina: Alright. Let’s take a break from the fashion talk and find out about what the stylish Missoni family does at home. How about food you eat and favorite things to drink when you sit down to lunch with your family? And more importantly, when am I invited to lunch?! 

Margherita: We grow a lot of seasonal vegetables in our gardens. With them we cook risotto and other special dishes. We like to elaborate our regional cuisine’s tradition, bringing tastes from allover the world, mixing them with our tastes, reinventing flavors. Wines also are reds and whites from Liguria, Emilia, Piemonte and Friuli Venezia Giulia. It depends on food and seasons.

Marina: OMG I’m hungry. I can’t wait to come over! 

Margherita: (silence)

Marina: Moving on…. Let’s be honest. Missoni is everywhere, as it should be, from fabulous barrettes to inspiring bicycles. Is there a large scale famous object, or doll from Italy…. wink wink, you would love to see covered in the Missoni zigzag like an airplane or the Taj Majal?  

Margherita: A contemporary building, maybe designed by Frank Gehry, with his kind of organic fluid structures, houses evoking nature and visual art - two worlds I really like and watch all the time.

A thousand kisses to Margherita for taking the time to speak with me. I can’t wait to see her in NYC!

15 days and counting…

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